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Tennis betting strategy betfair sports betting in florida

Tennis betting strategy betfair

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This is a strategy which can lead to rapid bankroll increases with less risk taken. Common entry points using this strategy are laying a player when a set and a break up in a three set match, or laying someone who is leading by two sets to love in a five set match. The obvious drawback to doing this is the likelihood of long losing runs. If you are constantly laying players 1.

You could then look to lay these players when the opportunity presents itself. For example if two players started a five set match at broadly the same price, you could look to lay the player leading in sets Player A at around 1.

You could then hope for Player B to win the third set. If he was to do so then you would be able to hedge for a decent profit with Player A now trading at more like the 1. Or, if your reading of the game supports it, then you could look to keep your position with the expectation that Player B wins the fourth set. At two sets all and with momentum on his side, it is highly likely that favouritism would flip-flop and Player B would now be trading at around the 1.

One of the most important things to consider when laying at short prices is player personality traits. Which players have a history of blowing leads? And on the flipside which players have strong deficit recovery stats? It would be a great idea to build up this information in a set of spreadsheets of a database.

More simply, if you watch enough tennis, you can start to get an idea of which players are mentally weaker than others in certain situations and are likely to fold when the pressure is firmly on. One strategy would be to lay whoever breaks serve first, then hedge that position if and when the break is recovered.

There may be the opportunity to continue to adopt this strategy throughout a match. With this in mind, you can continue to build and rebuild your position over and over again. Our integrated real-time charts on bet. As well as analysing the graphs to anticipate future swings in the market, historical price data within the market can be monitored to help assess probable prices if a certain outcome is to occur.

An obvious caveat to this strategy would be avoiding certain players whose service hold percentage deviates from the mean. The biggest changes in the ratio happen when a serve is broken or a set has been won. You can earn a lot of money when watching the game live and analyzing the performance of the sportsmen if you have the right strategy and you have strong discipline. The biggest mistake in tennis trading is not following the system and relying on the hope that the sportsman will regain the points needed and still win the game — this usually ends with significant losses.

So, to become a winner, you have to be able to control yourself and your emotions. This is the easiest and the most understandable tennis trading strategy. It is used in the process of the game, ideally when watching the game live. It is not recommended to place a bet on the first serve because the players often need time to get into the game properly. You should carefully choose when to get involved by evaluating the performance of the sportsman.

If the server loses the first point , then you need to close your bet and accept a loss making a LAY bet. If the server evens out the score , then you can enter the market again. If he loses a point again, you should close your bet again and accept a loss. You should not get yourself involved when the score is The positive thing about this strategy is that your liability is small, but you can win a significant amount of money.

You choose a tennis match, where the ratio of the favourite is 1. You place a bet of Euros on the favourite and your liability is 40 Euros. If the player would lose the first set, his ratio would jump up to about 2. If you would make a back bet and even it out between both of the players, you would gain about 30 Euros. Of course, you can wait for this ratio to go up even more and gain more profits or leave a lay bet and hope that the favorite will lose. In picture below you can see your profits if back bet odds on Gael Monfils would be 2.

Swing trading is a tennis strategy that is based on breaks, won sets and other events in the game that affect the ratio. In picture below you can see how a usual tennis match looks like in the WTA tour. Many serves are broken, as well as many break points are scored, which are being defended later on. This is the type of intrigue WTA games have! This can be easily used by the tennis traders, who can place lay bets in the lowest points and a back bet in the peaks.

If the favorite has lost the first set, then he will try to get even in the second set and he usually succeeds in this. In these types of games you can make a lay bet on the winner of the first set at the beginning of the second one and wait for the favorite to get even. The trading while a tennis match is on can be very dynamic. How can unexpected leaps and losses be avoided? The rules of Betfair betting exchange foresee that the bets made at the time of the game are accepted and reviewed only if both of the players have finished the first set.

Injuries in tennis are not something unusual, and a player on whom someone has made a bet can sprain his ankle at any moment. Because of these rules trading in the first set of the game is the safest, since the bets will be cancelled. If one of the players quits after the first set has been finished, in the case of an injury the other player will automatically win and the bet will be lost.

Of course, the exact opposite might happen as well and the player against whom a bet has been made might quit. In this case the profits will be bigger than it has been predicted before the trade. A popular strategy that can be used when trading WTA tennis games is to make a lay bet after a player has broken a serve and held one as well.

This bet is made on the player who has made the break not lost it. This means that the cases when the other player gets a break are not rare. The ratio of the player who has received the break will have lowered and gotten close to the one this player would have if she had won the first set.

In this case the risk will be reduced because the ratio of the player will not go down as much is she wins a set or gets a double break as it would in the case of the first break. To find out more about this strategy you can see this link and read more or watch video examples. It is worth noting here that as soon as the player wins the set you should immediately leave the trading because the other player might quit because of the lack of motivation or because of an injury.

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Other bookmakers will refund bets in this instance, whereas some will differ depending on how many sets have been played. Always check the tennis betting rules of the bookmaker you are using before placing bets, whichever market you are betting on to avoid losing your stake in these situations. As with many sports, the introduction of online betting has seen a significant increase in the number of tennis betting markets available.

Here are some of the most popular markets to get you started with your tennis trading:. This simply involves betting on the player you believe will win a specific match. The same principle applies to doubles matches. This is another straight forward tennis betting market and involves picking the winner of the whole tournament.

This market is set specific and allows you to bet on the player you believe will win the next set or the current one, if betting live in-play. How many sets do you think there will be in this match? Are the players involved closely matched, meaning it could be a three or five set match or will one of them cruise through in straight sets? This is an interesting market for tennis betting.

This market is as straight forward as it sounds. Which player do you believe will serve the most aces in a match. Here you can bet on the total number of games played during a match. Bookmakers will set a total and you must bet on whether you believe the total amount of games played will be over or under this number. Before going into a few tennis betting systems you can use, there are a few things you need to remember when betting on tennis.

Tennis betting strategy not only involves choosing the best events and markets to bet on, it also involves studying information. The following three examples are key principles you should follow when betting on tennis and they will help to increase your winnings.

Always check the head-to-head records between the two players before placing your bet. This information is available for free online and will allow you to spot trends between players. Look at recent results, if one player has defeated the other consistently over the past two years, it is clear they have the edge. Some players prefer playing on specific surfaces.

They simply perform better in tournaments which are played on one surface than any other. Rafael Nadal is a good example of this as although he has won all four Grand Slam events he is best on clay and this becomes clear with his nine French Open titles. During the tennis season, players travel the world and play in numerous events.

There may come a time when they need to prioritise a tournament over another and this sees them eliminated earlier than expected. If a less prestigious event is taking place just before or after a Grand Slam, the top players may not perform to their highest level and this is worth keeping in mind when tennis betting. For those who like to have a system to follow when betting, tennis is a great sport because there are some excellent tennis trading systems to employ.

Below are examples of three great tennis trading systems you can use when betting on tennis. This is a good tennis trading system but you must have self-control when using it. This system is often used in the second set of a match and comes into play when the favourite for the match has lost the first set. This happens more often than you might think. However, it cannot be used on every match and you need to be selective and watch the match live for the best results. This is true whenever you are tennis trading.

This tennis trading system focuses on the first break serve in a match. So again, it is best if you are watching the match live when employing this strategy. With so many games and tournaments taking place, you should never find yourself in a position where you are making one big trade that could potentially cost you. This I what you should avoid, but luckily for new players, the makeup of tennis means you have opportunities in front of you on a regular basis. The second thing to do is never chase any losses you have made.

Trading is a long game, and by looking at the short term picture all you are doing is adding emotion to the situation. When you are thinking about making a profit from trading, you should be looking at the bigger long term picture, over the course of a year.

Betfair is the biggest betting exchange and a great place to start for newcomers. They cover a large range of tennis games, with the majority of them turning in play so you can follow the action and make your trades. Betfair has the advantage when it comes to two things, the first is coverage, which is brilliant and the second is liquidity, which you need to make trades.

With so many people playing on Betfair, liquidity is very strong, so you will have plenty of willing partners out there who are also looking to bet. Whether you are backing or laying, money will be queueing up for you to take on, and this is the big reason why Betfair is the most popular betting exchange.

Alongside all of this, Betfair has a very strong live streaming service which allows you to watch the action unfold. This gives you a feel for how things are going, and it will help you make the right decision when it comes to the actual timing of your trade so that you are getting the best value. Best odds!

If you are a complete beginner to tennis trading then it is advisable to go slow at the start. As you slowly work your way forward with small profit trades, your betting bank will rise. It is at this point where you will have the funds behind you to either expand your portfolio and place more trades on more games, or up your stakes as you understand how things work more and you gain experience. During the early part of your trading career, you should be more focused on finding winning trades and being successful rather than the monetary value of the trades.

When you have found the key, then you can start thinking about making more money and either upping your stakes or performing more trades on different games. Start slow, build things up and if you have a system that works, you will eventually be able to join the big boys with funds behind you.